express entry document : All documents you need for express entry

When applying for Express entry into canada, You need certain express entry document to process your Express Entry application. they are :

Express Entry Document Checklist includes:

Identity documents :

Among the express entry Document required, You will need to identify yourself by providing avalid and eligible copy of passports of your and as well as your family members. This will help the visa office to confirm your identity.

For individuals that have got married, you will need to proof your marriage with a document. The same is also true if a person has a common-law or conjugal partner.

If you are a  divorcee, legally separated or widowed, the procedure might seem a bit complicated. No matter the situation, don’t forget to show proof to backup your claims.

You will also need to proof your relationship with your children if you have any. In if the child/children in question is your biological child, you need their birth certificate as well as well as adopted certificate for the adopted children.

Your language results (English or French):

Among the required express entry document, you need to provide there are language test results too.

Medical test reports :

Its very important for candidates to know that they must take their medical exam form a panel physician before they submit an application for permanent residency. The same also applies to your family members whether or not they are coming with you.

IRCC emphasizes that it is important to complete your medical exams as soon as you receive your ITA. Since the results of the exam must be valid when you arrive in Canada, it is logical to take your exam as closely as possible to the date you submit a complete application.

IRCC won’t send you any documentation to go through the exam. You will only receive an informational printout sheet and IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form by a panel physician.

Proof of payment for processing your application: 

When submitting for a completed application form for  you will need to pay 2 processing fees. Therefore you will need to have your credit card ready for the payment.

In conclusion, here is a brief overview of the documents you need after receiving ITA.

What documents are needed after ITA?

– ID documents

– Language tests

– Working experience

– Diplomas

– Proof of relatives living in Canada

– Satisfactory funds

– Medical examination

– Police clearance documents

– Job offer from a Canadian employer

– Photos

PNP Certificate :

Among the express entry document, you need a PNP certificate. Candidates receiving a provincial nomination from any of the Canadian provinces participating in the Express Entry system will be awarded an additional of 600 points towards their profile in the Express Entry system. Therefore, if you have a certificate of nomination, you will need to include a copy of it within your Express Entry application package.

Documents from your relatives in Canada :

If you claimed in your express entry profile that you have a relative in canada, you will need to show proof to convince the visa office. Note that  having a relative in Canada will earn you additional CRS points.

Please note that in the order for you to become qualified for additional CRS points based on your connections in Canada, your relative must be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.

And they need actually to live in Canada. You can prove it by providing certain documents like rental agreements, bank statements and etc.

Skilled work experience documents :

You are mandated to show a reference letter from each of your employers you worked for the last ten years. By delivering work experience letters, IRCC also decides if the occupation you have shown accurately matches with the National Occupational Classification

Your employment is assessed by your employment records which can include contracts, letters and as well as salary slips. IRCC wants to make sure that you have really worked for the employers you have claimed in your application and as well as the duration while creating your EE profile.

If you have worked in Canada then you have Canadian work experience. By providing your tax records obtained from Canada Revenue Agency you can deliver proof of work experience for an express entry that your employment was legal and you have paid your taxes.

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Educational documentation :

Among the requirement of the express entry document, candidates must provide evidence that they have completed the study programs they have mentioned in their Express Entry profiles. Please note that depending on the country you have completed your studies in, your diplomas may need to go through Educational Credential Assessment in order to be evaluated by the Government of Canada. Evaluation of your educational documents will help IRCC to determine if your educational background is equal to Canadian standards.

In addition, you may need to provide copies of certified translation of your diplomas and other certificates if the documents are in another language other than English or French.

Original photos :

Include unaltered digital photos of you and each your family members that meet a certain specification

Proof of financial status :

Candidates invited through the Express Entry program need to demonstrate a certain amount of money in their bank account. In fact, the amount of money required for the document checklist is determined by IRCC every year. In general, you are obligated to prove that you will have enough money with you to cover your expenses and support yourself and as well as your dependent family members regardless of they are accompanying you or not.

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Police clearance certificates :

A police clearance certificate is one of the main express entry document required. It is necessary for you and as well as all of your family members to provide a police clearance certificate. The certificates must be obtained from each country you or they lived in for at least 6 months of the period since the age of 18.

The validity period of the police clearance certificate is 12 months. Therefore, it would be better to wait until you receive an Invitation to Apply before obtaining it. This will prevent any delays in completing your Express Entry application package.

Job offer :

Provide a letter from your employer which includes the name of a company, its contact details. You will need to also include name, position and as well as the signature of your supervisor in that company before you submit your Express Entry application.

Another point that must be covered in the letter is the statement that informing IRCC that the applicant’s job is a continuous, paid and based on full-time work.

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